(This is the permanent first page of this blog. Please use the menu or scroll down to find links to blog posts and other pages.  I recommend starting with the Index page rather than jumping straight into the most recent posts.)

This blog will post educational information related to the overlap of:

  • DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder, including DDNOS/OSDD),
  • MC (Trauma Based Mind Control, aka MK Ultra/Monarch), and
  • SRA (Sadistic, Spiritual, or Satanic Ritual Abuse).

All of the posts here should be considered triggery,
and additional trigger warnings will be few and far between.

One of the main goals here will be to try to present complex information in easy to understand ways, especially using graphics/images and node maps when possible.

*NOTE:  Sometimes images are created and posted here before an in-depth article is created.  Please check back later for more detail on your favorites posts.*

If you are early into your recovery, you may wish to have someone you trust read the information for you or be present with you while you read.  Since most of the information will be aimed at being educational, there will not be much “abuse memory sharing” here.

For those with vision problems, graphics used in this blog that contain important text are transcribed into plain text at the bottom of the post in which they appear.

*All posts and comments on this blog are copyright protected material*


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